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Technical Tidbits 10/1

In which Charles Perkins returns to action.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech A-Back Charles Perkins is "feeling great" as he returns from a leg injury which sidelined him against the Hokies, writes the AJC. If you didn't believe that Perkins was a key part of Georgia Tech's offense prior to his injury, you likely adjusted your stance quickly after seeing that the A-Backs didn't crack double digit yards as a unit against the Hokies; they were shut down by Bud Foster's defense for the full 60 minutes. Not only will getting Perkins back in the A-Back rotation help in the run game, but he also adds a new dimension as a perimeter blocker for the Jackets. Having him healthy will be absolutely critical for the future success of the run game.

As we continue to get to know the 2014 Yellow Jacket basketball team, the next player on the list is freshman guard Patrick Lamar of Marietta, GA. Lamar is attending Tech on an ROTC scholarship and seems to fit the mold of the prototypical student (and versatile athlete) based on his interests and hobbies. I especially like his answer for the question of  what his biggest fear is -- he said "failing to obtain adequate knowledge about religion, politics, science, etc." was what he feared most. Man, does it get any more Georgia Tech than that? I don't think so. Most people are content with "spiders" or "education" (s/o to the dwags out there) as their biggest fears, but not Lamar.

Former Georgia Tech running back Jonathon Dwyer was formally charged with domestic violence yesterday following an investigation into alleged abuse of his wife and, apparently, his son. Dwyer reportedly broke his wife's nose with a headbutt, punched her again the next day, and then threw a shoe at his 17-month-old son (which caused no injury). This is still shocking news to the Georgia Tech fanbase and yet another occurrence in a long string of recent cases surrounding NFL players and domestic abuse.

Guys, guys! Georgia Tech is on an upset alert list and isn't the team being picked to get upset! It's an October miracle! Sure, the spread may be just one point against the rival Miami Hurricanes, but it still feels like a moral victory to me. I honestly disagree with the line anyway; Tech should be favored to win this game against a consistently underachieving Miami team at home during a whiteout. I expect Brad Kaaya to deliver a performance similar to that of Michael Brewer -- that is to say that I expect him to turn the ball over under pressure while also experiencing some success in the passing game.

What expectations do you have for Charles Perkins against Miami?

Have a great Wednesday!