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It was a hard-fought battle, and finally we're at the top.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

How's it feel, Tech fans?

Finally, once more, we are national champions. It's an amazing feeling.

Monday night, we won a prize we haven't touched this millennium. In fact, in doing so, we ended a great streak -- one of the greatest in all of college sports.

For 8 years, the SEC has reigned its terror upon college football. However, this year was different. This year was special. THIS, this was the year that would all change. We worked, we trained, we watched film, we played the best teams our schedule had to offer, and all of it would come to fruition on a warm night in Pasadena, CA.

Bask in it. Enjoy it. Tonight, we are national champions. We as a conference have fought together and produced a product good enough to topple the other conference in the region from their mighty stand.

Wait, what are you confused about here? I mean, sure, Georgia Tech didn't play Florida State this year. We actually only had 2 common opponents (Miami and Clemson), and we lost to both of them handily without providing much of a challenge. But that sort of track record hasn't stopped others from basking in the glory of other in-conference teams' championships over the past decade, has it?

Congratulations, Georgia Tech fans. Once again, you are part of a national championship team. Here's to the beginning of a new era.