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It's time for your training to pay off.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Here at FTRS, we have this weird obsession with making picks on games and thinking we have it all figured out, only to find out afterwards that we had no idea what we were talking about to begin with. It's great fun.

Well, college football season may be over, and the NFL season may be almost over, but that's not keeping us from taking one more swing at the ole' betting game. Below you'll see an embedded Google form (mobile users, click here or go to where you can go through and make your selections on a very wide array of odds pertaining to the Super Bowl. Now, some of these are directly related to what happens on the field for 60 minutes. However, some things are so unrelated it's not funny. It'll be fun, don't worry.

A prize, you said? Yes, there will be one. I haven't worked out how the funding for such a prize will work just yet, but I do have one in mind. It'll be fantastic, trust me. (Yes, there will also be similar prizes for past competitions that have been swept under the rug for variable amounts of time.)

That's all for now. Get to picking, and here's to a great game this Sunday!