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Commitment #1 - DB Miles Taylor

Long way to go before they put on a jersey...but the 2014 football class has its 1st member!


The Migration has begun! Safety Miles Taylor from Washington D.C. becomes Tech's first commit for the 2014 recruiting class.

Commit #1

Recruit: Miles Taylor

High School: Gonzaga, Washington, DC

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 185

Position: S

Recruiter: Joe Speed


The Detail: Miles Taylor is a smart and hard-nosed Safety prospect from the Washington D.C. area. His tape shows a player that is a tough tackler, takes good angles, reads the QB and reacts quickly, and shows fire on the field. He is from the fertile DC Catholic league, and its pretty easy to notice the better size, strength, and speed of that league in the film...and he makes a ton of plays on the defensive side of the ball. His only D1 offer up to this point has been Temple, so I have a theory...The kid's film is too good not to have more offers. Tech might have gotten in super early on him and the hard work recruiting the NE might beginning to pay dividends.

So there it is...the 2014 recruiting class is off and running. Are you excited to see the first commit?