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1/13 Mailbag Questions

Let's get right into it.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

So I decided to head this one up to try to answer some basketball questions. All of that beings said though, if you have any recruiting questions I can probably answer them, as well as football questions with the help of Joey.

Jackets have had a pretty exciting past two weeks, with a loss to Duke and win to Notre Dame in basketball, the news of a Vad Lee transfer, and obvious recruiting rumors as February 5th looms upon us. Injuries have plagued Jackets bball, forcing players to step up (or not in some cases). The AA/Brian Gregory's motivation to get students in the stands might be working and we have two more home basketball games before traveling on the road again. The weather and attitude toward GT sports has been equivalent, with daily rises and falls.

Let's hear it Jacket fans. Please let me talk about something today sports related when I get off work. If not I will have to just watch my recorded new HBO series, "True Detective". I also got a cool old book with some great bourbon/rye concoctions.

Editor's Note: Just as a reminder to our newer readers, the questions below will be answered later tonight after the comment section has closed. Feel free to not only ask questions, but discuss things in the comment section. We will post an article tomorrow with our responses.