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UNC at Georgia Tech Advanced Box Score

Looking deeper into the stats of Saturday's win.

Mike Zarrilli

Well lets not mess around on a short week, here is the advanced box score from this week. No new additions from last week, which is unfortunate because penalties and special teams played such a huge part in this game, but I'm working on it. If you are confused by anything then please read the description in this post to give you an idea of what this covers.

Passing Downs Quarter Performance
GT UNC Natl Average GT UNC
Num Plays 32 20 Yards Per Play Success Rate Yards Per Play Success Rate
Success Rate 44% 30% 31% Q1 2.82 (17) 29% 7.40 (20) 60%
Avg Yards 6.66 6.95 5.65 Q2 6.35 (23) 61% 7.27 (15) 40%
Standard Downs Q3 6.23 (22) 36% 2.71 (7) 43%
GT UNC Natl Average Q4 4.41 (22) 45% 3.91 (11) 27%
Num Plays 52 33 Down Performance
Success Rate 44% 55% 48% GT UNC
Avg Yards 4.13 5.45 5.65 Yards Per Play Success Rate Yards Per Play Success Rate
Passing Plays 1st 4.31 39% 4.52 44%
GT UNC Natl Average 2nd 6.71 42% 7.94 50%
Num Plays 14 30 3rd 4.00 56% 6.3 40%
Success Rate 50% 43% 41% 4th 1.00 100% - -
Avg Yards 6.71 6.93 6.39 Drive Performance
SD/PD Sack Rate 1.9% / 3.1% 3.0% / 0.0% 1.8% / 4.3% Num of Possesions Avg Start Spot Explosive Drive % Methodical Drive %
Running Plays GT 10 22.7 0% 40%
GT UNC Natl Average UNC 9 25.56 11% 0%
Num Plays 70 23 % of Possible Yards Gained GT: 60.2% UNC: 48%
Success Rate 43% 48% 43% Georgia Tech Hidden Yards -28.6
Avg Yards 4.77 4.83 4.97 Turnovers GT: 1 UNC: 1


  • This box score doesn't really explain how we won this game haha. We did a great job of limiting UNC's success on passing downs (UNC's offense is better than average so holding them to average is a good performance). We ran a hell of a lot more plays than UNC did, wow. I think we just controlled the ball so much they couldn't get anything going. 40% of our drives were Methodical (10 plays or more on a drive) and look at the number of play differential in the 3rd and 4th quarters. UNC just never had the ball enough to score.
  • I could have sworn Georgia Tech was going to have a field position advantage in this game, but UNC's average starting spot was actually 3 yards better than ours. Both were bad though, our ability to flip the field played a huge part in keeping UNC from moving the entire length of the field.
  • I have no idea what half time adjustments were made by the defense, but they were awesome. Going from allowing 7.3 yards per play in the 2nd quarter to 2.7?!? That's huge.
  • Our 1st down offense could use some work but man we played lights out on 2nd/3rd/4th downs.
Any observations you guys have? Let me know in the comments. Also, any ideas on other "box score" stats you would like to see?

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