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Georgia Tech - Elon Over/Under Accountability

Prior to our game against Elon, we took our picks on what would happen during the course of the game. Now it's time to see who was right, and who was wrong.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Over/Under 1.5 Georgia Tech B-Backs with 100 Yards Rushing

Actual Number: 0

I think a lot of us were surprised that not a single Tech player rushed for 100 yards. Zach Laskey had 3 carries for 51 yards while David Sims had 7 carries for 47 yards and Broderick Snoddy had 8 carries for 45 yards. Matt Connors tacked on 5 carries for 17 yards.

Correct: zachwreck, Dive Keep and Pitch, richman0610, Dwalk1217, pulindian, packerman

Incorrect: Me, ClavinCliff, jabbajacket, PeterInVA, dhbartlett, JacksonJacket

Over/Under 12.5 Georgia Tech Pass Attempts

Actual Number: 11

I had a hunch that Paul Johnson would show as little on film as possible, but still get some reps in for these guys. With an already ailing corps missing Darren Waller & Travin Henry, and with DeAndre Smelter a bit banged up, Vad Lee went 7/11 for 189 yards and 2 TDs -- a quite impressive performance. He had 3 completions for 79 yards on 4 targets to Micheal Summers, and touchdown passes to Robert Godhigh and David Sims.

Correct: Me, PeterInVA, pulindian, packerman

Incorrect: zachwreck, ClavinCliff, jabbajacket, tdot6, Dive Keep and Pitch, dhbartlett, richman0610, JacksonJacket, Dwalk1217

Over/Under 10.5 Points for Elon

Actual Number: 0

To be fair, our defense pitching a shutout doesn't tell the whole story. Elon was fairly close to scoring on a couple occasions, but then it yielded an interception or a missed field goal or something. In any case though, our defense didn't allow a score, and so they did their job. Hooray!

Correct: Me, ClavinCliff, The_GT_LineageX11, Dive Keep and Pitch, dhbartlett, richman0610, pulindian

Incorrect: zachwreck, jabbajacket, PeterInVA, JacksonJacket, Dwalk1217, packerman

Over/Under 0.5 4th Quarter Drives Featuring Vad Lee or Justin Thomas

Actual Number: 1

Two factors came into play here. First, our offense was really bad at taking a while to score. There were only 61 offensive snaps in the game, which isn't really that much when you consider we scored 70 points. (Yeah, think about that -- we scored more than 1 point per offensive snap.) When you want to get Vad Lee reps, and then consider that Justin Thomas was a little ginger on one knee, it was hard to get Thomas any snaps at all. He did get some though, on the final drive before halftime and...the first drive in the fourth, when he broke off a 44-yard run to the end zone on the 9th play of the drive.

Correct: zachwreck, ClavinCliff, Dive Keep and Pitch, JacksonJacket, packerman

Incorrect: Me, PeterInVA, dhbartlett, richman0610, Dwalk1217, pulindian

Over/Under 150 Elon Offensive Yards

Actual Number: 253

This might have been the most concerning part of the afternoon for me. Even before halftime, when most of our starters were very much in the game, they racked up 188 yards. Now, to be fair, that was over the course of 8 drives and 45 plays (good for just over 4 yards per play), but seeing drives of 40, 30, and 65 yards from Elon was less than confidence-inspiring for me.

Correct: Me, zachwreck, ClavinCliff, jabbajacket, Dive Keep and Pitch, PeterInVA, dhbartlett, richman0610, JacksonJacket, Dwalk1217, pulindian, packerman

Incorrect: Joey's Line-Making Abilities

Spread: Georgia Tech -46.5

Result: Georgia Tech covers (by over 3 touchdowns)

We all expected a big win, but I don't think any of us expected the degree of what Brandon Gaudin referred to as a "bloodbath". Loved the big showing from the Jackets though.

Correct: Me, The_GT_LineageX11, Dive Keep and Pitch, dhbartlett, richman0610, Dwalk1217, pulindian, packerman

Incorrect: zachwreck, ClavinCliff, PeterInVA, JacksonJacket

Week 1 Leaderboard
User Score Season
Dive Keep and Pitch 5-1 5-1
pulindian 5-1 5-1
packerman 5-1 5-1
Me 4-2 4-2
richman0610 4-2 4-2
zachwreck 3-3 3-3
ClavinCliff 3-3 3-3
dhbartlett 3-3 3-3
Dwalk1217 3-3 3-3
The_GT_LineageX11 2-0 2-0
PeterInVA 2-4 2-4
JacksonJacket 2-4 2-4
jabbajacket 1-3 1-3
tdot6 0-1 0-1

Week 1 picks have concluded. Who's ready to start talking trash, and who's having a nice dinner full of crow tonight?

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