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Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs North Carolina

It's once again the moment of truth, Tech fans...

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Over/Under 3.5 Vad Lee Touchdowns (Passing+Rushing)

This was the least-correctly picked line last week by the masses, and I'm keeping it where it is this weekend. Vad had already demonstrated what he could do with his legs before passing for touchdowns four times in the red zone last weekend. My guess here is that Vad stays hot, but only manages 3 TD's. Could be two passing or two rushing, but he'll record at least one in each category before adding a second.

Under 3.5 Passing+Rushing TD's for Vad Lee

Over/Under 0.5 Georgia Tech 100-Yard Rushers

Why is this a thing, you ask? Because we've yet to have someone rush for 100 yards this season. In fact, it's been 6 straight games since we've had a player rush for 100 yards. (Few have gotten close, specifically David Sims with 99 yards in the Sun Bowl.) You know who the last team was to allow a Tech player to go for 100 yards? You guessed it -- the Tar Heels, who allowed Vad Lee to go for 112 yards in last year's 68-50 victory.

Over 0.5 100-Yard Rushers

Over/Under 0.5 Touchdowns for Broderick Snoddy

Snoddy has only one career touchdown to date, with that coming in the 4th quarter against Presbyterian last year to give the Jackets a 52-0 lead. That said, he's really picked up some meaningful time the past two games and is settling into his role in the offense. It's clear that Coach Johnson values his speed and ballcarrying abilities, and especially likes him in this new "Tech Tower" formation we saw a lot of against Duke. I look for Snoddy to score his first meaningful touchdown on Saturday.

Over 0.5 TD's for Snoddy

Over/Under +0.5 Turnover Margin for Georgia Tech

3 interceptions and a fumble recovery against Elon was pretty neat, but then the Jackets failed to force a turnover against Duke. From what we've seen so far by this defense, it actually wouldn't surprise me if Tech was unable to manufacture a turnover for a second straight week. That said, UNC passes a lot and our secondary will have a chance to be very opportunistic at times against Bryn Renner. At the same time, the offense has been very good about taking care of the ball -- their only turnover this season was a tough pass that Darren Waller couldn't quite make it to last weekend. I like our shot at covering this you?

Over +0.5 Turnover Margin for Tech

Over/Under 2.5 Sacks for Georgia Tech

This line also returns from last week, when the Jackets got 2 sacks against Duke QB Brandon Connette to go with his 28 passing attempts. The front 4 have definitely had issues when it's come to generating a push up front and winning those battles in the trenches. I have a hard time thinking the issue is schematic, but I'd also like to think that talent deficiencies can be overcome with schemes. Running stunts, using different packages, and dialing up blitzes are ways that this pressure could be better generated. Ted Roof has likely spent a lot of this week on the pass rush, and UNC passes enough that his adjustments should manifest themselves into a few sacks.

Over 2.5 sacks for Georgia Tech

Over/Under 3.5 Point Margin of Victory for Georgia Tech

The Yellow Jackets went to Chapel Hill last year and won by 18, although that game was about as off-the-wall as any college football game I've ever seen. We can't expect the same outcome this year, at least in the sense of direct result (118 points & 18 point margin), but I do expect Tech to win this game. As for the margin, well, I'm thinking it'll be more in the range of 7-10 points. UNC will play tough and hang with Tech, but I see the Jackets winning.

Jackets cover 3.5 -- Tech 35, UNC 27

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