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Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs. Duke

Saturday is Game 2, meaning an opportunity for redemption for a few folks around here...

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Over/Under 20 Points Scored by Duke

Duke comes in sporting a backup QB, who is replacing the guy who replaced one of the best QBs the school has had in a very long time. Not to mention that his top two WR targets are also replacing the best at their positions in quite a while. Now consider that they managed 28 points against a Memphis defense that I struggle with believing in nearly as much as ours, and I can't help but take the under here.

Under 20 Points Allowed

Over/Under +1.5 Turnover Margin for Georgia Tech

Tech took care of the ball very well in the Elon game, and has recorded 7 interceptions in their last 10 quarters. They've also had a +4 turnover margin in that time span, with the defense amassing 10 turnovers total. That said, Georgia Tech's last recorded turnover was on a fumbled punt late in the third quarter of the Sun Bowl, with the last offensive turnover coming prior to halftime of the Sun Bowl. This group has shown clear improvement in taking care of the ball, and so I'd have a hard time imagining that they turn the ball over more than once on Saturday. That said, our defense is looking increasingly opportunistic -- which, honestly, I love. I expect 3 takeaways and 1 turnover from our team.

Over +1.5 Turnover Margin

Over/Under 1.5 40+-Yard Touchdown Plays

This could be one of the toughest lines to pick. At any time against any team, Tech could break a very long touchdown run or pass. Now, I also won't limit this to offense. This could also involve special teams, if Jamal Golden or someone else were to run back a kick for 40 or more yards. My guess here is that the offense goes for one 40+-yard scoring play, and that ends it for the Jackets in the sense of big plays.

Under 1.5 40+-Yard Touchdown Plays

Over/Under 2.5 Sacks by Georgia Tech's Defense

(This is our weekly celebrity-provided over/under line.) Against Elon, only second-team SDE Anthony Williams had a sack. However, in the scope of Elon's scheme to combat Tech's defense, that makes sense. Elon threw a lot of quick passes that minimized Tech's opportunity to make an impact with their pass rush. My understanding of Duke is that they'll have a lot of shotgun-based read option plays, suggesting to me that they'll throw more quick passes than deep passes. I believe in Attaochu, Cummings, and Gotsis, but at the same time I don't see this being the week where they have a bunch of chances to "pin their ears back" as they say and really get after the passer.

Under 2.5 Sacks

Over/Under 3.5 Passing/Rushing TD's for Vad Lee

Against Elon, Vad had 3 TD's -- 2 Passing (David Sims & Robert Godhigh) and 1 Rushing. As I look at that game, I see a scheme where he wasn't the offensive focal point, nor was anyone else. As we work towards tougher competition, Vad will have to be more of a focal point, meaning he'll get more rushing yards and more touchdowns. I think Duke is the first step towards that.

Over 3.5 Passing/Rushing TD's for Vad Lee

Over/Under 9 Point Surplus for Georgia Tech

The spread on this game is Georgia Tech by 9. I have to think that this game is a double-digit win for Tech even in one of the worst cases. Tech will be gearing up for games against UNC, Virginia Tech, Miami, and BYU, and this is the best chance to learn something about the team without paying a considerable price in the case of failure. I'm guessing CPJ takes no prisoners and wins this by at least two touchdowns.

Over 9-Point Surplus for Georgia Tech

Last week's "Bye Week Over/Unders" were purely for our own entertainment. This week's picks will resume our season-long competition. As a reminder, our leaderboard after Week 1 reads as such:

User Score Season
Dive Keep and Pitch 5-1 5-1
pulindian 5-1 5-1
packerman 5-1 5-1
Joey 4-2 4-2
richman0610 4-2 4-2
zachwreck 3-3 3-3
ClavinCliff 3-3 3-3
dhbartlett 3-3 3-3
Dwalk1217 3-3 3-3
The_GT_LineageX11 2-0 2-0
PeterInVA 2-4 2-4
JacksonJacket 2-4 2-4
jabbajacket 1-3 1-3
tdot6 0-1 0-1

The floor is yours, readers. Take your picks!