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Monday (Wednesday) Mailbag

Here we go! I appreciate you considering me an expert in so many categories... not really. Just a replacement for Joey.

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How much longer do you think the media bias in favor of the SEC will hold up? I can remember past years when an ACC team played an SEC team and lost by a few points in the final seconds and plummeted out of the top 20 but SEC teams can play .500 ball and still be considered a top ten team or at least a top 15 team.

First off that .500 is a bit of an exaggeration I think. The final 2012 AP Poll had 7 SEC teams in the Top 25, with Vanderbilt ranked 23rd for going 9-4 for the first time since 1915. #24 Michigan had the worse record of the Top 25 at 8-5. So I think the SEC has earned their top rankings.. How many ACC teams had less than 4 loses? Only 3- #10 FSU(12-2), #11 Clemson(11-2) and UNC (8-4).

Here are two serious reasons why the media loves the SEC so much:

1) Strength of schedule makes this conference so exciting. In 2012, An SEC team participated in "College Gameday" 9 out of the 17 weeks of the season. All of those games had the SEC team ranked in the top 25. These teams all produce exciting games and have HUGE fan bases that really show up to cheer on their team.

2) Second, like I say in my fantasy football league, championships pay the bills. Unfortunately 9 out of the past 11 National Championships have had an SEC team in it. And you can't really argue that "they didn't deserve to be there", because they also won EVERY one of those 9 times.

All of that aside, I agree that at times the media coverage makes the ACC look like the SEC's little brother. And yes, it bothers me when the SEC can lose a game and drop one spot while an ACC losing often knocks them out of the Top 25 unless they are FSU or Clemson. But the thing is that all of the ACC teams have a chip on their shoulder and this makes them play better. Regardless of how much on an "underdog" they might seem, they always find a way to make it competitive. I could use the Miami and Clemson games for example this year, but also look at VT vs. Alabama. They held with those guys and if it wasn't for the turnovers and special teams they would have been seriously in those games.

Comment on the following analysis. Vad Lee’s greatest strength is his running. His second greatest strength is his passing. His lesser gifts at this point seem to be making reads. If I have that right, does this mean Vad will have to rely more on his running to keep this offense moving since he may miss out on reading coverage as well as reading the option plays correctly?

I honestly haven't broken down the reads from Vad Lee too much so I am a bit ignorant on the subject, but from what I saw during the "game" two weeks ago was that Vad had matured a lot since last season (Matt would be better in answering this). I think his passing ability has increased and he knows the offense much better. He seems to be maturing and is a leader on this team. I do think that the ability for both of our quarterbacks to run allows them to break a few more miss reads for positive yardage than Tevin. I think that is what raw talent is though. Look at the players who are successful in college and pros and they have the ability to make something from nothing. Really hurt you for missing that one tackle for a loss. So yes, he can rely on his running but I would expect Vad to impress you this week with his reads.

Is making reads really a gift?

It is a gift, of course. I mean think about the time that a QB has to make that decision. Not to mention while successfully taking a snap turning and successfully handing off the ball or keeping it and running. That takes nothing more than practice and repetition. Again, I think you will be impressed by Vad's reads this week. He will also be back in his home state. Look for a good game from him.

Who do you think is the most overrated team in the country currently?

Washington State University. I called this before the season began. They lose to Auburn but the game was close, turned around and beat USC. Not an exciting game this week (10-7) but I am a big fan of Mike Leach. I read his book "Swing Your Sword" and he is my kind of coach. Very unconventional. Look for these guys to make an impact if not this year, in the next four years. They will be a top 10 team VERY soon. He is into the triple option and even gives CPJ a shout out in his book. I highly recommend reading it.

Duke QB going down… How much of a game changer is this?

Broken collarbone. Out indefinitely. You are asking me if Brandon Connette, the "short-yardage" QB who has also played tight end, will be able to step in and take the reins? Strategically it changes nothing for the Jackets. I know that both Duke QBs have been used in the past but Boone got the starting job for a reason over Connette. I would expect to see less big plays from Duke with Boone out and a slower tempo then in the past few games. They also run a no-huddle, which will be interesting to see with Connette at QB. I see it as a game changer because I haven't been impressed by Duke's offense anyway yet, and this is just another kink in my opinion.

I know a lot of people were exciting for their program getting revamped, but I am not convinced yet. First 2-0 start since 1998 and I am very happy for them I just don't think that means much. They had a good season last year but I think we are getting ahead of ourselves. I'm not surprised they are ranked #77 for SOS because the play NC Central, Memphis, Troy, Navy and Wake. Definitely the sort of schedule for a rebuilding year. I haven't looked at the other teams but this might be one of the easiest schedule in the ACC this year.

If Tech breaks down this defense, they win this game easily. Duke was actually impressive on defense against the run and I think will be a good challenge for the Tech option. Maybe we will see CPJ will open up the field some more through the air.

For those of us who don’t follow basketball closely, what’s going on in the world of GT basketball? What are the chances of GT making it to the Final 4? Does Brian Gregory look like the right man for the job?

Expect the Jackets to be good this season, but still too early to tell (I hate reading that too). I want to say that they are going to come and dominate this season, but the addition of Pitt and Syracuse makes this conference even harder. Then you have Louisville and Notre Dame too. Expect to see ACC teams entering the Tournament with quite a few losses on their schedule. Every team should be worried because one bad game can really make the difference. That being said, I have heard that Solomon might be stepping into a different role this year due to the fact that we have quite a few other PGs available. If you watch his highlights, he has the ability to really make a difference on this team if utilized correctly. Look for Marcus Georges-Hunt and Robert Carter Jr. to be explosive this year. I also think Daniel Miller will be a blocking phenom again. I will be writing more about this soon, too much to put in one answer.
As for Brian Gregory, I love him. I think he is a great coach and very charismatic. The players seem to love him too. He needs to produce NBA players and win some games to get the wheels spinning on some higher caliber recruits. I think he is the right man and am very impressed by his motion offense and he defensive coaching. He has the organization that previous coaches lacked... I'll leave it at that.

Hoops recruiting update or rumors?

Tadric Jackson is the first and only commit for the Jackets. He is a 4 Star SG that will make an instant impact on this team. With Trae Golden and Bolden being the only two real SGs on the team, his addition is key. As for the rumors, James Demery is one of NCs top recruit this year, and I know that he is listed as a High Interest Prospect for the Jackets by Unfortunately he is highly recruited. The Jackets currently have 4 scholarships availble for the 2014 class.

Why does it seem a disproportionate amount of Tech home games are nooners and our away games tend to be 3:30 or later kicks?

Everyone hates Georgia Tech and wants all of their fans to be miserable 24/7. Lol. Just kidding. I mean I don't know the answer to this, or the other question about who decides game time. Personally I enjoy noon more than 3:30. I think 3:30 is the worst time. Obviously we want to be under the lights on a Saturday night, but there are advantages to getting these games over with like many commenters have said. It all comes down to is Tech "prime time" material? We are on the right track but have to prove ourselves. I think we are and have the ability to have a really good season. I think Vad is the best quarterback that I have seen during my 5 years at Tech, and he's only a RS sophomore. Win our next two games and we could be seeing stars during the Miami game I'd think.

What to eat/do at Duke?

Study.. lol. I don't know, but I'll be there. Let me know where you are going and we will try to get a big Tech crowd there. I've never been to Duke so I don't know what to expect.

What do y'all think? Am I an idiot? Should I keep my day job and just let Joey answer the questions from now on?