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Georgia Tech Football Players -- Everything You Ever Expected

Everyone's got a good idea of what goes on for college football players on a normal school day, between classes, homework, practice, film sessions, and so on. However, there's more than just that before a player calls it a day...


Here at Georgia Tech, we have stereotypes. We deny them. We tell folks that "well, I'm different" and that "not EVERYONE is like that". We lie. We don't mean to. We want it to be the truth that we're different, or that there are folks not like that. Deep down though, we can't deny it. The stereotypes are far more true than we ever would admit to. Case in point, here are two of our football players on Twitter. One admits to being a rehabbed and recovered addict, while the other is an active, using addict. Addict of what, you ask? Well...

Lord help us if, at any point this fall, they come out with a major update or expansion to World of Warcraft.