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GT Sports News: Quick Hits

A round-up of what's been going on the first week of fall camp and other spots in the Athletic Department. There's been quite a bit of activity, so hold on to your hats!

"I find it hilarious how terrible of a person you are."
"I find it hilarious how terrible of a person you are."
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports
  • Bad news first, to get it out of the way. Safety Fred Holton was kicked off the team for a violation of team rules (see Joey's comment here as to why) and RS Junior Catlin Alford left the team. Rumor has it Alford was sick of Tech (I know the feeling). In basketball-bad-news world, Chris Bolden was booked on DUI charges.
  • But! According to Ken Sugiura Robert Godhigh has returned to practice after suffering a broken pinkie finger on his right hand. Godhigh will keep it in a cast until the end of fall camp.
  • In order to bring the flux of offensive lineman to equilibrium, Maryland transfer Nick Brigham received a waiver to forgo the NCAA-mandated year in residence and play immediately. The sophomore tackle transferred to Tech to be closer to home, as some unfortunate times have fallen on his house. Let's hope things work out for his family.
  • The offensive line situation is extraordinarily confusing right now. Tackle Bryan Chamberlain is in for Morgan Bailey who is out for unknown reasons. Ray Beno was in for Jay Finch (recovering from shoulder surgery) but today it was freshman Thomas O'Reilly after Beno got dinged, Will Jackson has moved over to the other OT spot, so Trey Braun is up from the second string to cover for Jackson at OG.
  • Shamire Devine and Chris Griffin doing well, with CG standing up a defender in pass blocking on Monday.
  • In baseball news, Tech volunteer coach Wally Crancer has left to take the Assistant manager job up at Purdue. Crancer played on the 2006 Tech CWS team and has been with the Jackets for the past two years. Congrats, Wally!
  • Jeremiah Attaochu has been named to yet another watch list, this time for CFB's top defensive end. This makes five potential postseason awards for ol' Jerry.