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Tuesday Tailgate: (7) The Greek Sector

This week's Tuesday Tailgate covers the most popular spot on campus if you're going by straight-up numbers.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Nearby "Facilities": Exterior of Any Nearby Rival House (kidding)

Distance to Bobby Dodd Stadium: Varied, <.3 miles (30 seconds-5 minutes)

I'm not sure anyone's ever done a survey or anything, but if they did I bet they'd find out that one out of three tailgaters on game day could be found in the Greek sector. Between so many alumni supporters of Georgia Tech athletics who have Greek connections, and so many student supporters of Georgia Tech athletics who are Greek, it makes sense that a large percentage of pre-game festivities would be concentrated here. As far as an experience, it's..."unrefined", we'll say. Between college kids binge drinking, some guys wearing nothing but boxers and ties, and loud, occasionally inappropriate music -- this experience may not be for everyone. If you're trying to bring your kids to tailgate with you...maybe pick another place. Bringing that new lady on a date with you to a game and trying to impress her? If you picked the Greek Sector to do more than just stop by, you might need to reconsider.

I gotta say though, after four years of Greek Sector tailgating, it's been a lot of fun and a great way to start any game day. If you're a student who's not in a fraternity or sorority, but you have friends in one of the houses, I'd recommend heading over once, if only for the experience. (Also, to any parents who regularly attend games -- this is a GREAT place to get cheap parking in a prime location.)

Greek tailgaters, what are some of your favorite experiences? Do any graduated Greeks brave the waters and continue to tailgate here?

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