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New Voice of the Jackets- Brandon Gaudin

Welcom Brandon Gaudin, Tech new play by play announcer!

Tech's newest radio announcer to replace the veteran Wes Durham is Butler's play by play announcer, Brandon Gaudin. Wes had been the Tech announcer for 18 years, replacing Al Ciralado who had been with the Jackets for 43 years. Gaudin has had experience with Butler's FCS football team as well as two Final Four appearances for the Bulldogs. Surprisingly, Gaudin is only 29 years young and I hope that he is with us for a long time. He will announce the football and basketball games, as well as weekly coaching shows with Coach Paul Johnson and Coach Brian Gregory.

Mike Bobinski hopes that Gaudin can integrate into the Tech culture. Gaudin has been selected from a pool of 150 applicants. The Athletic Association has made a major push to have a stronger marketing presence and I think that Gaudin will fit well into this strategy.

Here is some of Brandon Gaudin's sample work.

Let's give Brandon a warm welcome to the history that is Georgia Tech announcers.