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Tuesday Tailgate: (10) Yellow Jacket Alley

Our Tuesday Tailgate series comes to a close today as we look at the most exciting tailgating spot on the entire campus.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Nearby "Facilities": Campus Ministry Centers (Catholic, Methodist, Baptist Centers), Greek Houses, Mobile "Facilities"

Distance to Bobby Dodd Stadium: ~100 Yards (30-40 seconds)

Where better on campus to tailgate than the place that you don't even have to leave to see the players and coaches walk by on their way to the stadium? Two hours before gametime, wish all of the guys best of luck as they march from the bus into the stadium! Resume your tailgating, and when the time comes, stroll all of about the length of a football field and go cheer them on some more. Not to mention the proximity to all of the pregame festivities on Peters Parking Deck, the Greek sector, and on and on. This area is truly the center of attention on gameday. Pregame refreshments will either include stiff bourbon drinks or a six pack of craft brew -- which one will be determined by age of the tailgater in question and "family situation".

Anyone here tailgate at Yellow Jacket Alley? Tell us of your experiences in the center of all tailgating spots on campus!

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