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Help Us Predict Georgia Tech's Win Totals

Tell us how many wins you think the Yellow Jackets will attain this year


The season is almost upon us and one thing that we here at The Rumble Seat always love is to get our reader's opinions on how our team is going to do throughout the season. So in that spirit we have created a survey for you readers to tell us how many wins you think Georgia Tech will end the regular season with. But instead of just guessing 8-4 or 7-5  (or if you are Joey 12-0) we wanted to take a look at each individual game and assess the confidence of our fan base. Here is how the survey works. For each opponent imagine a 10 game series where each game is hosted at the site of the home team. Now think of how many games out of those 10 you would expect Georgia Tech to win. So the first question asks how many times would Georgia Tech beat Elon, at Georgia Tech. It isn't a hard stretch to think we would win 10 straight times. We may lose 1 out of 100, but 10 is pretty reasonable for Georgia Tech to win each game. Do this for every game, and also feel free to post your summed win total (you have to view the responses to find this, I don't know how to display it using google docs) in the comments. This should give you a much better idea of how confident you are in the Yellow Jackets this year. Hope you enjoy!

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