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Monday Mailbag 8/26

The weekly shenanigans continue!

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

First the preamble: The press tends to like things predictable so they have a tendency to say things that just sound good and which make them sound like experts. Hence, as Tech comes storming back against Georgia in 2008 they are saying things like "this offense can’t come from behind." They said something similar last year during the VT game only to have Tech come back and take the lead with seconds to go in the game. Likewise they say things like Tech not being able to recruit certain players because of the offense even as Tech has the first receiver taken in the NFL draft. This year Tech is picked to finish something like 6th in the ACC by some pundits even, as CPJ points out, that is about where they pick Tech every year, even though Tech is more likely to play for the championship than most of the teams that are picked ahead of them each year. You know the drill. We could go on and on.

So here is the question. What is it Tech is going to do this year that is going to most confound the experts? It could be a small thing like coming up with one good receiver or it could be a big thing like Tech winning the ACC. What do you think it will be?

This is something we've talked about for a couple of years now, but there's a chance that Vad Lee and Justin Thomas at the helms will let Tech shock the world and...

...finish in the top 100 nationally in passing offense.

Last year that would have meant passing for almost 200 yards per game (#100 Utah threw for 190.7 per game). If Darren Waller can be the guy we want him to be, and DeAndre Smelter can be the guy we think he can be, then we have passers in Lee and Thomas who can provide even more balance to this offense than we've ever seen in it. Now, it should be noted that there were only 3 games last year in which we broke 150 yards passing, and that 2 of those were in games against teams we won't play this year (Presbyterian and Boston College).

Yes, I also understand that this is a total reach, but isn't that why you read this blog?

Given the above question what do you think the press and pundits are going to point to this year as continuing proof that Tech suffers from some fatal flaw? For instance, if the defense struggles because of a new DC will the press say the problem is that the defense has to "practice all the time against a triple option?"

Honestly, at this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Tech wins 4 games when they trailed by 10, only to have the media saying they still can't play from behind. If there's one thing I'm learning, it's that the media doesn't pay very much attention and just expands on the initial reaction that any member of the public would give, especially if we've failed to make it into the national spotlight.

I also don't see Tech producing a top 25 recruiting class (I'll put them in the 26-40 range), ending in continued media scrutiny of how Coach Johnson must just be an embarrassingly bad recruiter.

Why is it you guys don’t answer some questions but just kind of B.S. your way all around it hoping that we will not notice that you did not answer it?

I'm trying to get a job at the AJC and this is the best way I knew how to complete my tryout.

Will FTRS put forth any plans for a community meet up this football season?

Absolutely. I love meeting the people who consider my opinions worth reading! Look out for something around Homecoming weekend. Chances are we'll meet up at a local restaurant/bar to socialize for a little bit.

Which of the following plays is the cherry on top of a Jackets win?

1. A Nesbitt – A quarter consuming, Defensive Coordinator Crushing, 8 minute/93 yard drive with at least one 4th and short conversion.

2. Goodbye Orwin – The Fast Strike, one play, 95 yards, 6 points.

(3. [REDACTED?])

4. He’s Golden – A nod to Special Teams. A KO or Punt return, 6 points.

5. The Tarrant – A Pick 6.

6. Miracles Do Happen on North Ave. – 4 down goal line Defense. Hold’em for a turnover on downs, or cause a turnover.

My two favorites have to be the soul-crushing, mind melting, unstoppable CPJ Death March, and the defensive "Last Stand" -- especially if unaided by a turnover and resulting in a straight-up stop. They're both all about hard-nosed football and wanting it more than your opponent. No flair, not an ESPN Top 10 moment, but one of the greatest football moments possible.

I remember GT saying that they are adding something like a sports major of some sort. I was wondering if there was any more information about this major? When does it plan on being activated? How do you think it will affect football recruiting? Do you see Tech expanding on this trend adding other sports+science related majors to entice athletic minded individuals towards the Institute?

We're still a year out from the program being activated, and we haven't gotten a whole lot of info about the program for a while. Here's the issue though -- it's only a certificate program if I'm remembering correctly, meaning it's just a sideshow to any individual's major. That's why I don't see it helping football recruiting much, nor basketball recruiting. It's really sad that the Institute is keeping the idea of sports at arm's length, because I really truly believe that there's such a niche for it within what we're already doing at school. Sports are such a scientific thing in the senses of anatomy, statistics, finances/economics, and management, not to mention how they create a cross-cultural connection in the world (something Tech is very interested in fostering). Consider all that, and then consider how much money could be brought in by a hugely successful football or basketball program that could then be used for furthering the school, and it really makes no sense as to why the school isn't particularly interested in continuing to develop sports-related fields. I'm hoping to see it continue to grow in the coming decade though -- it would make an already phenomenal school that much greater!


I believe you may be Getting Out in the near future. Which Graduation Gift would best celebrate your achievements?

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 3 is the best gift in a long-term scope, seeing as I'd probably never have to buy booze again. However, if it's a "thought that counts" type of deal, we're going with Option 2. More modern than Option 1 and will fit in my room no matter how small the apartment, not to mention the massive flexibility it gives and awesome talking point. Just gotta figure out what to do with the "hot" spigot...