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Tuesday Tailgate: (9) Techwood Drive

This week's Wednesday edition of Tuesday Tailgate comes to you from a very high-profile spot that serves only the most serious of Tech fans.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Nearby "Facilities": Greek Houses, Campus Ministry Centers (Baptist, Catholic, Methodist), Campus Housing

Distance to Bobby Dodd Stadium: ~100 Yards (2 minutes)

To tell you the truth, I think I'd be honored if someone who regularly tailgates in this area is a reader of my unworthy publication. If you tailgate on Techwood Drive, you're the most serious of Tech fans. You have a customized vehicle (such as a fire engine or RV), a spot reserved just for you, and probably a pretty cool name (such as the "Conyers Mafia"). You are the most revered of all Tech fans as 55,000 of your best friends make their way past your site to join you in the stands. You're a family man, but also a Tech man who makes sure that those around you have an appreciation for your glorious Institute and all of its traditions. You hold Tech tradition close to your heart and prepare for every game like it's your last, with a nice bottle of whiskey and the occasional splash of Coke. You're even tempted to "start 'em young" on your aforementioned favorite tradition, and then realize that you might be taking it a little far. If your pregame tradition includes reading this rinky-dink "journalism", I am truly honored and would love to hear about it. I would also love to meet you, if given the chance. (Also, if you tailgate anywhere else or don't tailgate at all, I would probably like to meet you too. Just as a disclaimer.)

If Techwood Drive is your home base for Saturday mornings, let me know where I got it wrong. Otherwise, those reading who also worship these tailgaters, let your praise be heard!

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