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Georgia Tech Football: New Depth Chart Released

A new depth chart was released yesterday, and there are a few items worth noting.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

As camp came to a close this weekend, Coach Johnson released the most recent depth chart on Monday. It can be found here: Georgia Tech Football Depth Chart.

A few notes on what you see there...

  • First off, this will most likely be the final depth chart for the Elon game, so this takes into account for injuries that will prevent players from playing in that game.
  • This is not the exact depth chart as released. I have slotted a couple of players differently based on what I've heard, and have added some third-string guys based on previous depth charts and reports.
  • Deon Hill looks to be starting at A-Back across from Robert Godhigh, and the squad of Synjyn Days, Dennis Andrews, B.J. Bostic, and Tony Zenon look to be their backups. All will likely see good time. Charles Perkins does not appear in the current 6-man rotation.
  • Micheal Summers is currently listed as the starting WR, although it is believed that Smelter will actually get the start in Week 1.
  • Bryan Chamberlain is listed as the starter at RT in Morgan Bailey's absence (sports hernia), but Chase Roberts is hot on his trail and could get quite a bit of time.
  • Anthony Williams is back over at WDE and is listed in front of the former heir-apparent to Attaochu's spot, Tyler Stargel.
  • Paul "P.J." Davis has officially taken over the second-string slot at WLB behind Quayshawn Nealy, ousting Beau Hankins from the slot.
  • Isaiah Johnson will not be good to go for Elon, and Jamal Golden will get the start in his place at FS.
  • Harrison Butker will make all of our dreams come true at Kicker, we assume. He's getting the nod for Week 1.
  • This depth chart lacks Anthony Autry and Freddie Burden because their seasons are already over.

Anything jump out and surprise you here, Tech fans? Anyone impressing or disappointing you?