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Game Previews: Yellow Jackets vs Syracuse Orange, October 19

Our Countdown to Kickoff continues today with a preview of our matchup with Syracuse, a team who has never beaten Georgia Tech.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Countdown to Kickoff: 12 Days...

Know Your Opponent:

Syracuse University Orange -- Syracuse, NY

2012 Record:

8-5 (5-2 Big East), Pinstripe Bowl Win vs West Virginia 38-14

Points Scored/Allowed Per Game:


Passing/Rushing Offensive Yards & Ratio:

289.3/187.0 -- 1.547

Passing/Rushing Defensive Yards & Ratio:

233.8/143.5 -- 1.629


When looking at Syracuse last year, it becomes apparent that they weren't particularly good or bad at anything. They actually were very well balanced -- their passing offense and rushing offense were both middle-of-the-road among BCS teams, as was the passing and rushing defense. That said, they weren't really good at anything, and probably don't pose much of a threat to Georgia Tech in year one in the ACC. Probably Syracuse's biggest strength will be playing at home (their only loss at home was a last-minute, one-point loss to a good Northwestern squad). However, the issue with that is that, well, this game is being played in Atlanta. Last year the Orange were 4-1 in the Carrier Dome and 4-4 outside of it.

Their biggest threat to opponents last year was passing the ball, but that may not be the case this year after they lost QB Ryan Nassib and their two leading receivers to graduation. Time will tell though.

Syracuse Wins If:

Their defense is able to play disciplined ball in their first game against Paul Johnson's offense, and they are able to keep the game close throughout. If they win the game, it will be a last-minute score.

Tech Wins If:

They are able to hit a couple of home runs against a defense unfamiliar with the system, and are able to overpower a less-talented team.


Georgia Tech 38, Syracuse 24

This smells like a 2 TD win for Tech to me. Maybe I'm underestimating Syracuse though. What are your thoughts?