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Tuesday Tailgate: (8) Peters Parking Deck

This week's Tuesday Tailgate comes to you from a very central location on campus where folks of all kinds come to gather to celebrate their pregame rituals.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Nearby "Facilities": Port-A-Potty options, Greek Housing, Bobby Dodd Stadium

Distance to Bobby Dodd Stadium: ~100 yards (2 minutes)

If you're looking for a parking and tailgating spot, you're not going to get much closer than the parking deck found directly in the shadow of the north stands. Peters is a great location in that there's a ton of room to park and tailgate, while not having to be too far away from the stadium. Perfect for those families with kids who won't want to walk very far, Peters affords a great opportunity to do just that. Without ever having been there to tailgate, my guess is that Peters ends up being more of a family crowd, meaning your beverage choice will more than likely be along the lines of "6-pack" than "liquor drinks", but we're not judging here.

Any Peters Parking Deck tailgaters out there? What's the experience like? Any tips for folks who might be showing up for the first time?

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