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Top 25 Released, No One At Tech Cares

The USA Today Pre-Season poll is out, and you know what that means: Tech isn't on it.

Jerry thinks your polls are dumb, too.
Jerry thinks your polls are dumb, too.

The USAT Coaches poll was released just a few minutes ago, with the Alabama Football Institute Crimson Tide leading the way at number one. Outside the closely-regulated world of Athletic Departments, the media is abuzz with excitement, discussing and debating the merits of the faux organizational effort. Inside our program, however, no such enthusiasm can be found. "Polls? More like lies and horse shit!" Coach Paul Johnson was not quoted as saying. "What we oughta do is ask the coaches to rank the media members. Now there's something that would be more entertaining and just as useful" he continued in my mind. Such a brazen take on the rankings system is nothing new with Coach Johnson, so it should be no surprise that others with in the program echo his attitude. "When I do the rankings, sometimes I just throw Western Michigan in there at number one just to show how arbitrary and ridiculous the system is" said George Burdell, the AD intern that fills out Coach Johnson's ballot. "In fact, most of the time I just throw 25 darts at a list of the FBS teams and go with that!"

We're working on getting an exclusive ballot from a trusted source, so stay tuned for more!