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Tuesday Tailgate: (3) Nanotech Parking Lot

Today's tailgating location is a little less populated, but can produce a really great time.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Nearby "Facilities": Port-A-Potties, Trees, Police Station, Campus Buildings (with access)

Distance to Bobby Dodd Stadium: .75 miles, ~15 minutes

Let's make one thing clear -- this experience is not for everyone. From my understanding, the folks who have the best time in the Nanotech Parking Lot tend to be recent graduates who don't want to do the "family" thing and haven't really "grown up" yet. They'd much rather relive the glory days a few times every fall, and do it without being judged by others (because nobody likes to be judged when binge drinking). When tailgating here, you might want to just pass on the beer and go straight for liquor drinks. (The "15 minute walk" estimation is assuming you can walk straight.) Bring a dish to share, just not pizza dip (sad, disgusting story behind that one). Enjoy the pre-game festivities with some really fun folks, and enjoy the quick outlet from campus after the game!

Nanotech Parking Lot Veterans -- what can you tell us about this lot? Do I have it all wrong? Is there more to it than I've made it out to be?

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