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Monday Mailbag 7/8/2013

This week's Monday Mailbag involves restlessness, man-parts, and explosions…trust me, it's not what you think.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Love the photo of BDS and the fireworks! Any chance one could get a print copy of it????

Quite possibly! The man you'll want to talk to about that is Danny Karnik, the official photographer for Georgia Tech Athletics. He's an Electrical Engineering alumnus who's currently working at GTRI, and does photography "as a hobby". (I put that in quotes because his photos are phenomenal to the point that I consider him a professional.) I'd recommend looking him up in Georgia Tech's directory or just contacting him on Facebook to request permission and see what he might be able to offer you in the way of print copies.

Recruiting update? Who is next to commit? Who are we hot on the heels of? Who are we closing in on? What are our biggest needs? What commit is going to really shock the heck out of us? What current recruits are working on uncommitted players for us right now.

Hopefully you saw TBuzz's post discussing all of this on Friday. For my personal feelings, I think the guy that we get next is either Terrell Lewis or Shai McKenzie. If there's a guy who's going to "really shock the heck out of us" in a good way, I think it's Malkom Parrish. We've gotten into a rut in recent years where UGA can steal recruits from us, but we can't reciprocate -- I think the addition of a great recruiter such as Ted Roof might allow us to pull a fast one on georgia by the time Signing Day rolls around.

How much longer to do we have to drag this out before we can watch some futbol?

The 50-day countdown begins this week...stay tuned!

How much is Joey up-regulating his jock size now that he's in a Baylor Skankfight with a radio journalist talkinghead?

I'm really not sure what these words mean...but I'm not trying to be cocky. I believe in my team and am willing to stand behind them as we move towards the fall!

Any info on who might be replacing ole Wes as our radio guy?

Not a clue. Honestly I'm not even sure who makes that call -- is it our Athletics department who determines our media representatives? All I know is that the chances of replacing him with someone equally talented are about zero...Durham is known to be one of the absolute best in the business, and I think our fan base is going to miss him dearly. But, if I had my pick for who would replace him...

Happy Monday, folks!