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Tuesday Tailgate: (6) Russ Chandler Stadium Lawn

Today's football tailgating spot is all about baseball...because that makes sense.

Yes! Let's go watch a football game!!
Yes! Let's go watch a football game!!
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Nearby "Facilities": Ford Building, Whitaker Building, Klaus Building, Greek Housing

Distance to Bobby Dodd Stadium: .4 miles (5-7 minutes)

This isn't the most popular spot on campus to tailgate, but don't make any assumptions based on that statement. The group who tailgates here is the few and the proud. They do it right -- complete with tailgate games, team-themed tents, and plenty of cold beverages. Honestly, it's probably the most well-rounded spot on campus: reasonable walking distance, plenty of facilities available, full tailgating experience, and still family-friendly. I wouldn't say it's #1 in any of the above categories, but it ranks near the top of each list, making this a truly solid tailgating spot before a home game.

Don't take it from me, though -- I've never actually tailgated here. Let's hear from any of our commentariat who may have spent a few mornings and afternoons here! Is the experience just how I'd imagine it?

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