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Tuesday Tailgate: (5) Center Campus

Today's tailgate spot is a relatively new one on the radar, but is quickly becoming populated.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Nearby "Facilities": Student Center, Flag Building, Ferst Theater, Clough Building

Distance from Bobby Dodd Stadium: ~.4 miles, 10-12 minutes

This is a spot that hasn't traditionally gotten a lot of traffic, but is starting to pick up steam -- and with good reason. Center Campus has recently been home to a couple of fraternities (and their alumni) who don't have the luxury of having a house at which they can tailgate. Don't let that fool you though -- I've encountered giant barrel smokers, home-brewed beer, and just about any type of tailgate game I've seen here. In short, these guys do it right. They also have the privilege of being right next to a parking lot, meaning they can tailgate near their car while still having a nice grass patch for activities. Oh, and don't forget that they're right next to the Campanile, home of the Marching Band around an hour before kickoff. Absolutely a prime location on campus that I can only imagine will grow in years to come.

What have your experiences in this area been like, Center Campus tailgaters? Anyone going to be bold enough to go out into Tech Green this fall?

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