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Fan-thing of the Week REVIVAL

After a hiatus because I have a terrible memory, the fan-thing of the week is back. This week, we're doing multiple fan-things!

This week's things come to you in the form of shots, much like you'd take at the doctor (no, not the other kind). First off, we have the 13-1 season prediction for Tech, made by none other than statistical powerhouse the Bleacher Report. It was posted by The_GT_Lineage_X11, aka "one of Winfield's numerous little brothers" (seriously, he has like 14). Some of you may have encountered this, but basically the BR did an NCAA simulation of our season and things worked out quite well. Hit up the link for the real goods.

Next we have a more recent and more mathematical post. millsGT49, who now also writes for Football StudyHall, gave us a link to the also mathematical Football Outsiders Almanac. This handy reference guide is much like Baseball Prospectus, but with F+ instead of WAR. Don't know what either of those things mean? It's only $12 to find out if you click on the link now! Have a good weekend y'all, and remember to RambleOn.