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Tuesday Tailgate: (2) Fifth Street Bridge

Today's tailgating location is a very central area filled with young alumni. Eight more Tuesdays until toe meets leather!

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Nearby "Facilities": Greek Houses, Waffle House, Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech

Distance to Bobby Dodd Stadium: .3 miles, 5 minutes walking

This area tends to be filled with young alumni, particularly Greek alumni. It's in a great location -- in easy walking distance from the Greek sector (in case you need to use the bathroom or want to bring beer to your fraternity brothers...packerman), Waffle House (breakfast of champions on game day, I should add), and Barnes & Noble (for all of your expensive game day apparel needs). Walking across the Fifth Street Bridge reveals countless tents, cornhole boards, and progressively emptying coolers. Drink of choice here? I can't be sure, but my guess is it's a mix of almost purely beer and strongly-mixed whiskey drinks. If you want a fun experience with some die-hard Tech fans, the Fifth Street Bridge is for you.

Don't let me give you the advice, though. Fifth Street Bridge veterans -- what should first-time tailgaters know before joining in? (And what flavor of beer are you bringing me when you come visit?)

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