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Tuesday Tailgate: (4) Tech Tower Lawn

Today's tailgating location is as far away from hoopla as one can be when only a stone's throw from the stadium.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Nearby "Facilities": Tech Tower, Highland Bakery (RIP Junior's), Bobby Dodd Stadium, Library

Distance to Bobby Dodd Stadium: ~100 Yards (90 seconds or so)

Last week, we profiled an area that's good for kids who have graduated college but haven't really mentally left yet. This week, we profile the complete opposite end of the spectrum. This is the place where you're going to drink your foreign coffees and teas, fine wines, and champagnes (pinkie finger up, of course) while schmoozing some prominent alumni who might have graduated right around the time we sent troops to Vietnam. They're incredibly successful but not a lot of fun, but that's OK because they might make you rich too if they like you enough. Stop in and catch up with President Peterson, Dean Stein, and other important folks. Don't forget your monocle, tie, and British accent -- all crucial parts of the Tech Tower Lawn tailgating experience.

It should probably be noted that I have never actually been to the Tech Tower Lawn while tailgating, and this is entirely how I imagine things go as opposed to how they actually go. If you'd like to enlighten us on the true experience, it'd be much appreciated.

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