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Monday Mailbag 7/17: Tuesday Edition

Today's (delayed) mailbag features bad information, bad golf, and good beer.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

I am still chagrined that I passed on false information about Trevaughn Rodriguez committing to Tech yesterday. So at least one of my questions is this. "Why do we take seriously the rating systems of recruiting sites like Rivals and when they don’t even get their facts right and sometimes put out whole articles based on stuff that isn’t true?"

I think the long and short of what happened on Sunday was somebody misinterpreted something, posted their interpretation somewhere, and then others went and posted across a bunch of sites. Next thing you know, the people that scavenge those sites for every little piece of info possible are saying "I saw this on Rivals" or "I saw this on 247" and it's taken to mean that the person in charge of those sites was the one who reported it. Long story short, if you want to know the real story, pay NO attention to anything said on those sites by folks other than Kelly Quinlan, Rod McKenzie, Ken Sugiura, or Eric Thompson (and take his with a grain of salt). Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Kelly Quinlan is the best in the business and absolutely worth $100/year to follow.

But how’d the golf go? More importantly, what course did you get to play?

I actually played really well on Saturday. Then I got to the 7th tee box, and it was all downhill from there. Oh well, so goes golf. We played at Alfred Tup Holmes, which is in Southwest Atlanta. Basically, if you've ever taken MARTA from Midtown to the airport, you hit a point where you really don't want to leave the inside of the was around there. Fairly nice course though.

Obviously, we don’t drink Terrapin since it’s from Athens, but Tech fans have options right by Tech. We should see which ones Tech fans here like the best. Which one do the writers like?

I'm a big fan of Monday Night Brewing -- their Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale in particular. Sweetwater's great too, but I'm more of a fan of their less popular brews such as the Georgia Brown and Exodus Porter. I'll let Nate, Chas, and others weigh in here in the comments though!