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Early CFB Lines Released

What the 'experts' in Vegas think about the competitiveness of a few of GT's Fall matchups.


The sports book at the Golden Nugget has released more than 200 lines for the 2013 college football season, including 6 of Georgia Tech's games. While we may not be gamblers ourselves, we can use these numbers to see how close these line-makers think some of our games will be. Home team in caps.

09/21/2013: GEORGIA TECH (-4.5) North Carolina

09/26/2013: Virginia Tech (-1) GEORGIA TECH

10/05/2013: MIAMI (-7) Georgia Tech

10/12/2013: BYU (-3) Georgia Tech

11/14/2013: CLEMSON (-9) Georgia Tech

11/30/2013: Georgia (-9) GEORGIA TECH

What I see from these:

  • We are favored once in these 6 games. Perhaps we do drink a little too much gold Kool-Aid around here.
  • When you factor in the 3 point swing usually applied for home-field advantage, Golden Nugget (cool name, bro) thinks we are an equal team to BYU, 4 points worse than VT (hmmmm) and Miami (really?). Also, 1.5 points better than UNC.
  • By transitive property, Georgia is 6 points better than Clemson (the line for their game roughly backs this up Georgia (-3.5) CLEMSON.)
  • Earlier in the year, we saw that The Greek had the favorites to win the Coastal as Miami, UNC, VT and GT, in that order. Judging by these lines, it would seem the order should be Miami (home vs VT,) VT, GT and UNC. Which order seems more right to you?

Let's get a good discussion going on what we think about this, guys.

To see all of the 248 lines released, see the full list here.