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7/1 Mailbag Questions

On Monday, we'll begin our weekly "Mailbag" series (as voted on by you, the readers). Here's your opportunity to provide us with questions to answer.


By popular demand, Monday will feature our first Mailbag post! To make this work, I need you, the readers, to ask me questions that you want answered. In fact, they don't have to be directed towards me -- they could be directed towards anyone of the writing staff to answer. They could even be directed towards nobody in particular to weigh in on. Feel free to ask things about...

Glen Rice, Jr. taken in the NBA Draft

3 New Football Coaches at Tech

Danny Hall's Seat -- Hot or Not?

What are my plans for July 4?

What's the best Tech football & basketball game I've ever been to?

Why do I also support Louisville?

Why hasn't there been a "Rumble Seat Rabble" in a few weeks?

Over/under 1,000 yards for David Sims this season?

The floor is yours, Tech fans. Ask anything you want to hear my answers on. Happy Friday!