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Tuesday Tailgate: (1) The IC Lawn

Today, we introduce a new series, wherein each Tuesday we will examine prime tailgating locations across campus as we move closer to football season. After today, we only have 9 more Tuesdays until toe meets leather!

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Nearby "Facilities": Campus Recreation Center, Student Center

Distance to Bobby Dodd Stadium: About half a mile, 10-15 minutes walking

Many an alumnus and sidewalk fan alike can be found in this area, tearing it up the old-fashioned way. The area comes complete with beer, grills, food, bourbon, families, and tailgate games as far as the eye can see. Enjoy some of the great community that goes on here prior to heading over to the game. Afterwards, head back this way and (after a pit stop at the Student Center) join one of the RVs parked nearby to catch up on all of the action that went on while you were at the game. Make sure you say hello to the guy who flies two flags from his car every week -- one of Georgia Tech, and one of the team playing georgia. Also, stop in and say 'hey' to my parents while you're there -- this is their spot to tailgate. Young or old, alumnus or sidewalk fan, I guarantee you a good time if you tailgate in this area.

Any other IC Lawn patrons have pro tips for tailgater-hopefuls?

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