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Georgia Tech Ends Broadcast Relationship With WQXI

GT Athletics announced today football and men's basketball games will no longer be broadcast on 790 the zone. Where will the new voice of the Jackets be heard? Read on to find out!

These are handheld radios, but close enough right?
These are handheld radios, but close enough right?

With the departure of Wes Durham and all of his connections to 790AM-WQXI (he calls the Falcons' games on that particular radio station), Tech may have felt that it was time to go in a different direction. I don't know about you, but whenever I listened to 790 they were talking about dwag, and Tech may have been just as sick of it as I was. Tech will continue to broadcast on 106.7FM WYAY (aka "All-News 106.7"), so as of now there is no AM broadcast station. This is interesting because there are no other broadcast sports stations on AM besides 680 The Fan, which is the official broadcast station of UGA. I think this means that Tech and their radio distribution partner, IMG Sports Network, will make a move toward an all-FM broadcast network. 92.9FM WCGZ "The Game", has a 100,000W broadcast system (23 kW more than 790AM), and would most likely want to expand into the lucrative collegiate sporting market. I think this would be a win for Tech, who would get a great partner station to compete against the two UGA-centric stations in town and give Tech fans a clear choice in the radio market. What do you think, y'all? Where would you like to see Tech wind up on the airwaves? Do you not are as long as Wes Durham isn't behind the mic? Let's hear it!

UPDATE 9:32AM: according to Ken Sugiura, WYAY will "become the Jacket's sole flagship." I don't know if that means Tech can negotiate with them to broadcast on another station in the city (Tech was broadcast on two FM stations, 94.1FM HD-2 and 106.7FM, up until now; so I assume something like that could be worked out) or what, but 106.7 is here to stay.