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Rumble Seat Rabble, 6/11/2013

This week's edition of Rumble Seat Rabble includes discussion about the end of Georgia Tech's baseball season, APR scores, and a big weekend for football recruiting.

Hey there once again FTRS readers! Last night, Chas, Nate and I were able to get together and do a new edition of Rumble Seat Rabble, our new podcast series we started last week. This week we had plenty more to talk about, but we missed out on a lot more. Take a listen, let us hear your thoughts, and send us any questions you may have for us to discuss next time! We can be reached via Twitter via @FTRSLilBroey, @FTRSNate, and @FTRSChas, and we can be reached via email at

It should be noted that this week also involved a little bit of interactive fun, featuring the new Twitter hashtag "#thingsinchassroom". As you watch, if you see something of note behind Chas, tweet it at one of us. Maybe we'll get a "Best of Twitter" series going soon, featuring you!

Do you agree or disagree with the things we said in Rumble Seat Rabble this week? What did we leave out or get wrong?