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Rumble Seat Rabble

FTRS is looking to discuss GT sports on Google Hangout. Help us with our discussion.


Welcome to From the Rumble Seat's newest installment, "Rumble Seat Rabble". We are going to meet as a staff once a week in the Fall (less frequently this Summer) and talk about some key topics in Georgia Tech Athletics.

We here at FTRS are looking to discuss, argue, and cry about anything the readers want us to discuss. I say it that way because while we want to focus on Georgia Tech, I know some of our other readers would love us to discuss many other things. We aren't half as creative as our readers, so we need your help.

Comment below and let us know what you would like to hear about. Football? Baseball? Basketball? Recruiting? Campus Life? Name it and we will discuss it. Be as specific or vague as you would like and we will do what we can.

We will be discussing this Thursday and will follow up with a YouTube/Google Hangout session on Friday for everyone to watch.