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Technical Tidbits 04/24/2013: In Which The BCS Never Ends

Today's Tidbits cover a baseball game you'd rather not hear about and sad days for college football, both past and future.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

All you need to know about last night's game vs. UGA is right here:

Who knew that you could be glad you'd have to work until 8PM the day of that game?

The Toomer's corner trees came down yesterday. Bet the tide rolls pretty hard on the inside, Harvey.

The college football playoff has a name: "College Football Playoff." I for one like the simplicity, a clear move by the not-BCS-BCS commission to try to get as far away as possible from the grandiose, gross, and everything else about the BCS' brand.

Stewart Mandel predicts all the causes of the whining and moaning that will come with the new system. In my opinion, as long as there are polls, there will always be conflict; end of story. We need to get the opining out of it entirely and get to the point where every conference champion goes to a playoff for the trophy, plain and simple.