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Technical Tidbits 04/22/2013: In Which Nate Returns to Radio

Today's Tidbits cover spring games, international football, and a surprising 14-year-old.

Beau Hankins is always so delightfully easy to pick out
Beau Hankins is always so delightfully easy to pick out

The AJC has a photo gallery of the first annual international student football clinic. It's probably one of the cuter things you'll see on the internet today, except for all the cats.

The Diamond Jackets got swept by NC State this weekend. This is a really erratic team at this point (they took the series from No. 5 UVA last weekend), let's hope they get the big bats back in time for the postseason.

I can always get behind headlines like these.

BC had to cancel their spring football game due to lockdown. Strange times we live in.

A one Mr. Seventh Woods to the floor of McCamish Pavilion please, Mr. Seventh Woods. We have to wait four years? Crap.

Want to know how everyone else's pointless scrimmage that will tell you nothing went? Read about it here.

Nate was on the 92.9 the game (at 2 AM) this weekend, give it a listen why don't you?