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Technical Tidbits 04/02/2013: In Which Nate Doesn't Have to Bring His Work Home With Him

Today's tidbits cover opening day, a new mascot, and a crowd much worse than we're used to.

He can't do this to the pretty girl, so he doesn't know what to do.
He can't do this to the pretty girl, so he doesn't know what to do.
Scott Cunningham

So I've been M.I.A. for the past week or so. This is because I just got a new job and have been working 12 hour days! I'm just now getting used to it; so I'm going to assume a normal-ish writing schedule. Thanks for your patience. Anyways, on to stuff you actually care about.

In case you didn't see yesterday, Georgia Tech is doing away with Buzz, and will be selecting a new mascot. (Cough.)

CPJ and Miss America are best friends, and we don't really need to say much more about this photo.

Beesball recap: Tech baseball rose a spot in the writers poll after falling five as a result of the the series loss against Florida State last weekend. Dusty Issacs was named the ACC pitcher of the week after his eight strikeout, one-hit performance vs. Wake Forest. Baseball (and our baseball coverage) is back in action tomorrow night at Mercer and on Wednesday against Kennesaw St, which hopefully will be a good opportunity to pay them back for stealing Brian Bohannon (kidding, but seriously).

This doesn't have much to do with college sports, but who doesn't like to laugh at the Yankees? This was their opening day crowd yesterday.

Pantsless golf is best golf.

Here's a good roundup of spring practice so far. It's so nice that they added another gal to the ACC blog on ESPN.

SBNation has an exclusive interview with Tommy Tuberville and it offers some great insight to the man who will be forever snubbed by the BCS.

Finally, no matter who you are, you can be glad you're not Pitt.