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Technical Tidbits 04/16/2013: In Which We Get an A for Effort

Today's Tidbits cover UNC Unfails, poor journalistic practice by someone who is not me, and Louisville.

Scott Cunningham

ESPN is at it again, this time with our players:

Mr. Uzzi is referring to this article by Ryan McGee, which was supposedly researched during the 2013 NFL Combine. What most likely happened is that Uzzi spoke to a researcher who then fed either incomplete or fallible information to McGee, but that still doesn't change the fake that Omoregie is irked.

I'm surprised they don't say "A for Effort! No, Really!" on the back.

Football is coming alive in Kentucky, and that's an exciting prospect for the football-starved ACC.

This isn't going to help Democrats pick up southern states in the midterms, Mr. President.

Here's a reason to get excited about Zach Laksey's 2013.