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Open Thread and Q&A

A lull in Tech sports calls for contribution from all!


We haven't been able to post much in the way of content in recent days, but we wanted to get up a quick post to make sure you all knew that we are still alive and functioning. Also, we wanted to check on you, our loyal readers. How are you? Can you tell yet that I am trying to fill the requisite 150 words?

Let's just use this comment space to have a general Q&A. If you have a question that you want answered, put it down below, it can be any subject, really. Once you've done that, we, the staff, and probably your fellow readers, will try to answer it for you. It may even be a good idea for a full-on article to come later.

If you want to discuss The Masters, do that too! It's your space, feel free and unencumbered by rules. Also, there will be a baseball series for the Jackets this weekend. Or Spring Football. Or that weirdly disappointing Mad Men debut.