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The Large Rhythmic Movement

Who is getting into the tournament this year?


For all of you out there curious about who will get into the dance but don't travel far off of this website for college sports info, I thought I'd do a breakdown of where we stand at this moment. Everything is still constantly moving, of course, even all the way up to selection day itself with conference tournaments factoring in. But with Tech having just one game and then the ACC tournament to go, you're probably anxiously awaiting bracket time so you can lose some money (if you're like me, that is.)

So, if you look below you can see a list of the top 52 (not sure how I picked this number) schools in the nation based on something I've called "EntryRanking." This is a statistic that has gotten 4 teams wrong in the past 3 tournaments total, so it is pretty reliable for this kind of thing (it is a simple average of Ken Pomeroy's ranking and RPI's ranking for each school.) With 33 automatic entrants from winning conference tournaments, usually the top 37 of this ranking system all get in. This doesn't add up to 68, of course, but the numbers are fluid based on the number of teams within this top 50 that win their conference tournament. Georgia Tech's EntryRanking value is 100, for reference.

School EntryRanking Conference
Louisville 3 Big East
Duke 3.5 ACC
Florida 4 SEC
Kansas 5 Big 12
Indiana 5 Big Ten
Gonzaga 7 West Coast
Michigan State 7.5 Big Ten
Miami (FL) 8.5 ACC
Michigan 10 Big Ten
Ohio State 11.5 Big Ten
New Mexico 13.5 Mountain West
Syracuse 14 Big East
Georgetown 14.5 Big East
Marquette 17.5 Big East
Colorado State 18 Mountain West
Minnesota 18 Big Ten
Arizona 18.5 Pac-12
Pittsburgh 21 Big East
UNLV 21.5 Mountain West
North Carolina 21.5 ACC
Oklahoma State 21.5 Big 12
Virginia Common 21.5 A-10
Missouri 24 SEC
Wisconsin 25 Big Ten
Creighton 27 Missouri Valley
Middle Tennesse 27.5 Sun Belt
Saint Mary's 27.5 West Coast
Kansas State 28.5 Big 12
San Diego State 29 Mountain West
Memphis 29.5 Conference USA
NC State 29.5 ACC
Saint Louis 31 A-10
Oklahoma 32.5 Big 12
Colorado 32.5 Pac-12
Belmont 33 Ohio Valley
Wichita State 36.5 Missouri Valley
Notre Dame 36.5 Big East
Illinois 38 Big Ten
Butler 39.5 A-10
Cincinnati 41.5 Big East
Boise State 43.5 Mountain West
UCLA 43.5 Pac-12
La Salle 43.5 A-10
Iowa State 44 Big 12
Oregon 47.5 Pac-12
Virginia 48 ACC
Kentucky 48.5 SEC
Connecticut 49 Big East
Denver 49 WAC
Villanova 49.5 Big East
California 51 Pac-12
Southern Miss 52 Conference USA

I have highlighted the crucial section of the table, where the bubble will likely appear. Let's just use this as a general discussion thread for tournament excitement or questions as well! If you want to read a far better breakdown with an actual bracket and intelligent analysis look here.