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Meet The Recruits - OL Reilly Gibbons

Will Reilly Gibbons be the next Offensive Lineman (like Ray Beno and Shaq Mason above) opening holes for Vad Lee?

Recruit: Reilly Gibbons

High School: St. Petersburg Catholic High School, St. Petersburg, FL

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 278

Position: OL

Recruiter: Brian Bohannon


The Detail: Reilly Gibbons is a 4-star and Rivals 250 ranked OL prospect from St. Peterburg, FL and one of many private school offers Tech currently has out (a strategy change, for sure). He already has a staggering number of top-notch (30+ BCS level) offers, from factories and academic-oriented schools alike, and will most likely rise in the rankings before it's said and done.

Tech's Chances: Not Likely. He currently hasn't visited any of Tech's recent Junior days, will probably Summer camp locally in Florida, and with his many offers may only visit Tech during the summer as he's visiting several other colleges. But hey all it takes is a look at Tech's program, reputation, and campus to fall in love with it, right?

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