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Technical Tidbits 03/05/2013: In Which Tech Wakes Up

Today's tidbits cover spring practice, waking up too early, and Seminoles in the snow.

Kevin C. Cox

The Jackets are starting to lean into it, according to multiple coaches. All the women, glory, and power come along with waking up at 4:30AM on regular basis? Now I'm glad I didn't play football.

Reddit comes through in the clutch again, this time with a sweet set of wallpapers for your everyday computing needs.

Our lady of mothership has generously provided a list of start and end dates for every spring practice at every school. In case you're curious, Tech's starts March 25th and ends April 19th with the Friday night "Fun on the Flats" spring game that was so successful last year.

FSU and Boise State have agreed to a home-and-home series in 2019 and 2020. Hopefully the BSU home game is late in the season so college football can collectively chortle at an FSU team trying to play in the snow. But then BSU would win and I'd have to deal with my cousins yelling at me about how BSU crushes the never mind.

Athalon Sports has a set of great ACC spring story lines that are well worth your time.

The SBN Eagles and Broncos blogs have draft profiles of T.J. Barnes up. He's a development project, they say, but one that would be worth the money and effort because of his sheer size and strength. Here's to you, T.J., you made it.