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Technical Tidbits 03/04/2013: In Which You Can't Storm the Court

Today's tidbits cover eighth graders, gillie suits, and storming the court.

Apparently Kenny Bell is involved in ridiculous things all the time.
Apparently Kenny Bell is involved in ridiculous things all the time.
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome back to the Tidbits, y'all. It's been two heinous weeks since you last had one, and that means its been two weeks since you've been able to avoid doing work when you first get into work, so let's move along before you all explode.

Not sure if shopped, or if Nebraska's Kenny Bell was born the son of a highlander and is ready to hunt buck for his liege lord at his beck and call.

This eighth grader already has scholarships from Alabama and LSU. See if you can guess which kid I'm talking about.

There's no article to go along with this, I just wanted to point out that your Yellow Jacket baseball team scored 36 runs against Rutgers this weekend. Rutgers put up just three on the Jackets. What's that sound I hear? You rushing to buy beesball tickets? Please and thank you.

Miami has suspended eight players out of spring practice, because why not? Seriously, the article doesn't say anything about why they got canned, not even "violation of team rules" or something.

Lists? Lists. Here's a nifty little diddly from the ACC-SEC Blog ranking our schedule from easiest to toughest. Little old, but a fun read nonetheless.

I don't know if any of you listen to Marc Ryan on 92.9 The Game on the weekends, but he had a out-of-the-ordinary crusade against court storming going on his show yesterday. Wouldn't you know it, that discussion came right on time. Please don't do this ACC.