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Meet The Recruits - OL Nolan Kelleher

Could Nolan Kelleher line up in the trenches for Georgia Tech?

Wando HS

Recruit: Nolan Kelleher

High School: Wando HS, Wando, SC

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 285

Position: OL

Recruiter: Mike Sewak


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The Detail: Nolan Kelleher is an athletic OL prospect from just outside the Charleston, SC area who, while not currently rated by Rivals (4-star by Scout), has picked up several early offers from GT, FSU, VPI, Duke, Tennessee, and (yes) the Dwags. His ability to scoop and get the 2nd level is really excellent, and the guy just plays mean. He is very reminiscient of 2013 Tech signing Chris Griffin, and will also likely project at Tackle.

Tech's Chances: Very Good. Kelleher has visited GT several times, and has had some time to talk with CMS and CPJ...saying that he actually likes the fast-pace blocking scheme that Tech runs. He has also been quoted as saying the following..."I do want a good engineering program and a good football team, but I'm not too picky. A nice campus would be great." Son...welcome home to the Flats!

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