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Technical Tidbits 03/15/2013: In Which YOU = BALLER

Today's Tidbits cover O'Brien's Reflexive Axiom on Awkward Recruiting, 41 points, and ACC refs.

This young feller better watch out for the Jackets next season.
This young feller better watch out for the Jackets next season.

It's too easy, really. I'm not going to even try to make fun of you, N.C. State, I'll let the rest of the world take care of that. I love it when you guys do my job for me.

In case you needed some perspective on Olivier Hanlan's 41-point performance against Tech yesterday in the ACC Tourney, the Macon Telegraph has you covered. It was a great season, and it may not yet be over, but either way I'm happy with this basketball team and the progress it clearly made. Also, I'm going to go on record now: next basketball season is going to be amazing. McCamish will be sold out all the time, it'll be a madhouse; it'll be the most fun you've had watching a G.T. basketball team in I don't know how long (since 2004, probably).

Tevin Washington's NFL future is the subject of this D. Orlando Ledbetter piece. You should check it out for two reasons: we want TW to do well and Ledbetter is an exceptional journalist who wears a bow tie.

The ACC-SEC blog is just the best. Opinions over there are their own, but I for one tend to agree. The refereeing in some basketball games this year seemed...flukier than others.

Someone (namely NCSU's Lorenzo Brown) finally shut down Erick Green. Here's how that someone held Green to a full 10 points below his season average in the ACC Tournament yesterday.