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Meet The Recruits - WR Shaq Davidson

Can Shaq Davidson excite Bobby Dodd Stadium like Stephen Hill did?

Will Davidson thrill the flats like Stephen Hill?
Will Davidson thrill the flats like Stephen Hill?
Gaffney HS

Recruit: Shaq Davidson

High School: Gaffney High School, Gaffney, SC

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 170

Position: WR

Recruiter: Mike Sewak (assuming Sewak still has East GA and SC)


Shaq Davidson Gaffney High WR (via Xavier Foster)

The Detail: Shaq Davidson is a 4-star and Rivals 100 ranked WR prospect from Gaffney, SC...the same school that produced 4-star DE prospect Jaylen Miller (who nearly committed to Tech) in the 2013 class. Davidson is an elite playmaker, with elite burst and shiftiness, and will likely see his offer sheet fill up with pretty much everyone who plays college football.

Tech's Chances: Not Likely. Tech has about 20 WR offers out there currently for only 2-3 spots. A guy like Davidson is going to be offered by everyone, and truthfully his size is not what Tech has recruited in recent years. But the hope is that you bring an athlete like that into your program and you find ways to get them the ball. I would suspect he goes to the "usual suspects" though.

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