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Meet The Recruits - CB Nicholas Ruffin

Could Ruffin be the next physical corner in the mold of Louis Young?

Recruit Nicholas Ruffin

High School: St. Pius X School, Atlanta, GA

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 172

Position: CB

Recruiter: Joe Speed


The Detail: Nicholas Ruffin is a talented, local prospect from the Atlanta area who's been offered by pretty much every SEC and ACC school. He has good size for a CB, and pure speed and athleticism to boot. His rankings are poised to go through the roof.

Tech's Chances: Very Good. Ruffin has been to Tech on several occasions, including the "elite" Junior day event back on January 20. He has plans to continue visiting Tech throughout Spring practice, and could be a candidate for committing early to Tech...with several DB openings available in this class and an opportunity to play early.

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