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Tech is out for payback

After losing a tough OT game against VT a month ago, Tech is out for blood. With the aide of some new freshmen play, hopefully Tech can start a march "literally" to redemption.

Josh-USA TODAY Sports

We start the second half of ACC play today! Tech needs this win today. Read this to understand why. Hopefully I won't embarass myself and Tech will start this much needed win streak.

As for the game, when we beat Virginia and Wake, I didn't watch the game. I have watched EVERY other game. I have to referee a Women's Club game today and won't be able to watch it. I won't be turning on the TV. I'll sit in my car and listen on the radio after my game if I need to in order to ensure a win. We shall see if I am the deciding factor.. I pray I am.

Tip Off is set for 1pm at VT. Watch the game regionally on FSS, or ESPN3 elsewhere. Also, the game can be heard on IMG Sports radio 106.7FM and 790AM.

Comment on the game live here for updates from our other writers! LET'S GO!!!!